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[title] Assemble the UltiBots Micro Extruder and E3D V6 hot end
[* icon_note] Assembly of the Micro Extruder and E3D V6 hot end is described in an 8 minute long YouTube video. Additional tips are described in this step and ''Step 63'' - ++be sure to review them before you begin++.
[* red] Watch the video here: [|UltiBots Mico Extruder|new_window=true]
[* icon_note] Refer to [|E3D V6 Assembly|new_window=true] for additional information. Note that we do put the fan on opposite of how E3D installs. That's so the fan blows ir more effectively over the ''Micro Extruder'' ''stepper motor''.
[* red] The second photo shows the parts required. Note the'' red aluminum heat sink'' is not shown in the video. It replaces the motor cooling fan and shroud.
[* red] The third photo shows the extruder body "as printed". You must clean out the rectangular openings and other support as described in the video.
[* icon_caution] Be very careful not to tighten the set (grub) screw that holds the thermistor in place. The thermistor can be crushed. E3D's instructions cover this in detail: [|Thermistor|new_window=true] ++You only need to do one half turn of the set screw to hold the cartridge in place.++
[* icon_note] Save the remainder of the ''heat sink compound'', it will be used in ''Step 78''.