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[title] Preparing the endstops
[* red] Locate the three endstop brackets in the printed parts box B and the ''Endstops & Hardware'' bag. Also locate three ''T-nuts'' from the ''Frame Hardware'' bag.
[* red] The parts needed for one ''endstop'' are shown in the photo.
[* red] Clip the center lead and bend the two outer leads over 90° as shown in the photo.
[* icon_caution] Be careful bending the leads as they can break off if you bend them more than once.
[* red] Mount the ''switch'' to the printed ''endstop mount'' with two ''M2.5x10 socket head cap screws'' as shown. The orange switch plunger should be positioned below the left-hand ''M2.5 screw'' as you face the ''switch'' and ''bracket''.
[* icon_caution] If the ''M2.5'' screws are a tight fit in the ''endstop switch'', either ream them carefully with a 2.5mm drill bit or pre-thread them with the ''M2.5 screw'' to strip the extra plastic out of the ''endstop switch'' holes. You risk stripping the ''bracket'' holes if the screw doesn't turn freely in the ''endstop switch'' holes.
[* icon_note] Do not drill out the bracket holes for the switch, the screws will cut threads as you install them. Do not over-tighten the screws as you could strip the plastic bracket.
[* red] Repeat these steps to complete three endstop assemblies.