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[title] Install and adjust carriages
[* icon_caution] This is a very important step. If the carriages are too loose you will get misaligned layers in your prints. If they are too tight it could actually cause the magball ends to pop off during a print.
[* red] Slide one of the carriages onto the top of a tower extrusion. The magballs should be angled down. Make sure to clear the ''wiring'' and ''T-slot cover''.
[* red] Lift the carriage to the top of the tower and release it. It should descend slowly to the base as shown in the video. If it falls too quickly, tighten the ''adjusting screw'' on the side of the carriage. If it falls too slowly or not at all, loosen the ''adjusting screw'' slightly.
[* red] Repeat the test until the carriage descends slowly and all the way to the base as shown. As shown in the video, approximately the descent should be about 2 seconds.
[* icon_note] Click on the video and it will orient itself properly! (this is a anomaly of the software, Dozuki)
[* red] Repeat the test and adjustment for the other two carriages.