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Changes to Step #32

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Step Lines

[title] Install LED wiring
[* red] Locate the ''LED Lighting'' bag in box C and remove he coil of black/red wire.
[* red] Insert one end of the pair of ''LED wires'' into the ''Z'' base extrusion the way you inserted the endstop wires.
[* red] Pull the end of the wires out of the bottom of the tower extrusion.
[* red] Run the pair of ''LED wires'' up the channel parallel to the ''endstop wires''. Extend the ''LED wires'' about 150mm (6") beyond the ends of the'' endstop wires'' as shown in the photo.
[* red] Cover the wires with a piece of channel ''cover'' as you did for the ''endstop wires'' in towers ''X'' and ''Y''.
[* red] Loosely coil the ''three endstop ''wires and the ''LED wires'' in the base.