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Step Lines

[title] Finish carriage assemblies
[* red] Install the second ''magball'' as shown.
[* icon_note] Note the orientation of the ''carriage adjusting screw''. The head of the screw inserts from the right side of the carriage.
[* red] Install the ''lock nut'' for the adjusting screw in the left side of the carriage.
[* icon_note] Use a small screw driver to push the nut into place. Another useful trick is to thread an M3 screw on the nut and use the screw as a handle to push the nut into place. You can use the carriage adjusting screw for this.
[* red] Repeat steps 3 to 6 to complete all three carriages.
[* icon_reminder] Jeremy K tip: I wasn't able to thread the screw in to the locking side of the nut to insert the nut into the frame. What I did instead was insert a 2mm allen wrench through the nut and hole. This allowed me to line the nut up with the hole and then use my fingers to press fit the nut in.