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Changes to Step #39

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Step Lines

[title] Install the top on the towers
[* black] IGNORE THIS STEP FOR NOW, it needs to be updated and a step or 2 inserted before this one.
[* icon_note] The top assembly must be installed with the labels you applied facing up. The idler pulley holes in the bracket cross pieces must be closest to the bottom of the frame.
[* red] Align the T-nuts and carefully lower the top assembly onto the towers. Wiggle and jiggle the T-nuts until the top assembly slides over both T-nuts in each corner bracket.
[* icon_note] It helps to have a helper with this step but it can be done alone if you align the T-nuts and work slowly.
[* red] Align the top of the towers to be even with the top surface of the top assembly. This does not have to be perfect, "close" is good enough. Secure but do not tighten the screws – they will be tightened later when you tension the belts.