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[title] Unboxing
[* black] Before getting started, print a copy of the [document|1|D300VS Assembly Steps] list (beta 1) and keep track of your build time. When you are done, please email your results to us!
[* red] Your printer kit shipped in one large box. Inside you should find:
[* red] (A) (second photo) contains the glass bed, bed heater and other items. Be careful with this box and the glass bed.
[* red] (B) (third photo) contains all of the printed parts and the aluminum corner brackets.. A list of these parts is included in the box.
[* red] (C) box with the electronics warning label. It contains the Duet Wifi controller, E3D V6 hot end, stepper motors, extruder, FSRs for auto probing, and many labeled hardware bags.
[* red] (D) a smaller box (not shown) is labeled ''Switching Power Supply'' and the power cord is wrapped in packaging paper.
[* red] (E) are the aluminum frame extrusions.
[* icon_note] We'll refer to these boxes by letter to help you locate parts during the build.
[* icon_reminder] Verify that you have these boxes. We recommend that you leave them sealed until called for in the Build Guide.