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Changes to Step #28

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Step Lines

[title] Installing the towers in the base.
[* red] On the same flat surface you assembled the base and upper triangles, positon the base with the '''X''', '''Y''', '''Z''' labels facing up.
[* red] Align the T-nuts in the X corner bracket so the tower extrusion slot can slide onto them.
[* red] The end of the tower with the tape-marked threaded hole inserts into the base. The threaded hole should be on the outside edge of the base bracket.
[* red] Gently slide the tower extrusion over the T-nuts. Push the tower all the way down.
[* red] Push down on the base and the tower to ensure that they are flush, then tighten the two screws securely.
[* red] Repeat the previous steps for the '''Y''' and '''Z''' towers.