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Step Lines

[title] Commissioning the extruder
[* red] Make sure the hot end is at your selected temperature. Click on the '''Machine Control''' on the button.
[* red] Under the '''Extruder Control''' panel, select 100mm and 5 mm/sec buttons as shown in the screen capture.
[* icon_caution] Never use feedrates faster than 5mm/sec or you risk grinding filament in the extruder. The faster federates can be used for unloading filament.
[* red] Position yourself so you can see the mark you made on the end of the ''extruder drive gear'' in ''Step 87'' then click the blue '''Extrude''' button.
[* icon_note] The extruder shaft should rotate ++clockwise++. If it does not, you likely connected the extruder stepper wiring incorrectly. Re-visit '''Steps 72''' and '''75''' to correct the problem.
[* red] Now click the white '''Retract''' button. This time the extruder shaft should rotate ++counter-clockwise++.