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Changes to UltiBots D300VS Build Guide Introduction

Edit by Michael Hackney

Edit approved by Michael Hackney

How toUltibots D300VS Build Guide
How toUltibots D300VS Build Guide
[ ]The Ultibots D300VS delta printer has a strong and precise aluminum extrusion frame and corner brackets. All of the provided components are genuine products from their respective manufacturers. This printer truly is ready to print high quality parts out of the box – if you take care in assembly. This Guide will help you build a quality printer.
[ ]This guide shows you the best way to assemble your Ultibots D300VS delta printer.


  • #2 Philip head screwdriver x1 added.
  • Metric Allen wrench set (ball head recommended) x1 added.
  • Wire cutters x1 added.
  • Soldering iron and solder x1 added.
  • Needle nose pliers or crimper tool (recommended) x1 added.
  • 3/4" masking tape x1 added.
  • Sharpie™ marker x1 added.